The Global Lab is a podcast about cities, global connectivity and the impact of technology produced by the UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (UCL-CASA). The UCL Beacon Bursary scheme generously provided start-up funds for recording equipment.


Claire Ross is a doctoral student at the UCL Centre for Digital Humanities.  She likes museums, digital things and what people think of them. She also has a penchant for pretty visualisations. Read her blog or follow her on twitter: @clairey_ross

Steven Gray is a researcher on the GEMMA project – bringing the power of maps to the people! You can read his blog or find him on twitter.

Hannah Fry is a research associate on the Global Dynamics project within CASA. She was trained as a mathematician and her interests revolve around the dynamics of social systems. She likes maps, python and a nice good juicy bit of maths. Read her blog or follow her on twitter @fryrsquared. Please.

Martin Zaltz Austwick lectures on the CASA MRes in Spatial Analysis and Visualization – having previously been a quantum physicist and a medical physicist he now calls himself a “social physicist” to link himself to a degree he did a long time ago and he’s rapidly forgetting. You can read his blog, or follow him via @SociablePhysics on twitter – very web 2.0.