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In this special episode we bring you from Talkfest and pick up the discussions about the the sounds of science. You can find out more about the event by visiting

Episode 16

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In this special episode we bring you from Talkfest and pick up the discussions about the the sounds of science. You can find out more about the event by visiting


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Steven Gray is a Research Associate in CASA; his website is and catch him on twitter; @frogo.
Claire Ross is a PhD Student at UCL DH and you can catch up with her musings on twitter; @clairey_ross

Episode List

The Global Lab Episode 25 . John Burn-Murdoch from FT Interactive
John Burn-Murdoch from the FT Interactive team talks to Martin Zaltz Austwick about what Data Journalism is, and where it's heading.

The Global Lab Episode 24 . Hrishi Ballal
Hrishi Ballal is a PhD student at CASA, and runs Urbanflow Engine, a site to facilitate participatory planning and discussion.

The Global Lab Episode 23 . Holly Hauser from Puget Sound Bike Share
Holly Hauser from Puget Sound Bike Share talks about the challenges of planning a brand new bike share for Seattle and beyond.

The Global Lab Episode 22 . Mariam Asad
Mariam Asad from Georgia Tech talks to Martin Zaltz Austwick about citizen sensing and access to cycling in Atlanta.

The Global Lab Episode 21 . Adam Dennett
Adam Dennett, joint researcher in CASA and UCLDH talks to Martin Zaltz Austwick about the census and what "synthetic data" means to researchers.

The Global Lab Episode 20 . Kaitlin Thaney from Digital Science
Kaitlin Thaney from Digital Science talks about copyright law, creative commons, sharing and what this has to teach us about open science and open data.

The Global Lab Episode 19 . Melissa Terras, Augmented Reality and Museums
We're back! In this latest episode find out about augmented reality and museums, why we could be in for another dot com bust and we talk Digital Humanities with Dr Melissa Terras.

The Global Lab Episode 18 . Smart Cities
This episode features a panel session featuring some of the top names in the world of spacial analysis talking about their own take on Smart Cities at UCL CASA's recent Smart Cities conference.

The Global Lab Episode 17 . Museums and the Web 2012
Another Special Episode of the Global Lab live from San Diego. We bring you the latest news from Museums and the Web along with an Interview with Jeanie Sinclair.

The Global Lab Episode 16 . TALKFEST
In this special episode we bring you from Talkfest and pick up the discussions about the the sounds of science. You can find out more about the event by visiting

The Global Lab Episode 15 . Peter Williams, Twitter and Kinect Fusion
In this episode we discuss how addictive Twitter actually is, we look at the new application of the Xbox Kinect and our brand new presenter Claire Ross talks to Peter Williams about his research in Information Systems for people with learning difficulties.

The Global Lab Episode 14 . Jon Reades, geeks, queues, social, business and transport networks.
Martin debates the use of the word ‘geek’, Hannah discusses the theory behind supermarket queues and our guest Jon Reades explains how data can help us improve our social, business & transport networks, and why we should all start shredding our rubbish.

The Global Lab Episode 13 . Emma McKay, Wikipedia, toothpicks and policy making.
In this episode we talk to Emma McKay about the interface between science and policy. Martin explains why Wikipedia went offline and Hannah discusses toothpick statues and what it's like to work as a mathematician.

The Global Lab Episode 12 . Jason Dittmer, Xmas cake, comic books and an end-of-year survey
In this (vaguely) festive episode, Jason Dittmer talks Nationalist Superheroes, Hannah guesses the weight of a cake and Martin reads a map-themed comic book.

The Global Lab Episode 11 . Stephen Lorimer, Manuel Castells, and more hand-drawn maps
This episode we speak to Stephen Lorimer from the UCL Energy Institute about why your hangover is ruining the world, Hannah talks about WWII tweeters and JISC geodevelopers of the year, and Martin talks about Manuel Castells and hand-drawn maps.

The Global Lab Episode 10 . Anders Johansson, The FuturICT Town Meeting and the Londonist Mapping event
Featuring an interview with Anders Johansson, as well as news about FuturICT, Londonist's mapping event, and a shout out to other academic podcasters - get in touch!

The Global Lab Episode 9 . Suzy Moat, Wearable Computers and Thermal Cameras
Find out how Occupy London is linked to NASA, wearable computing, and UCL's Suzy Moat talks about her work in FuturICT and analysing Google search volumes.

The Global Lab Episode 8 . Claire Ross, 3D printing and Science Question Time
News from Science Question Time, Siri and 3D printing, and UCL's Claire Ross talks about QRator and Jeremy Bentham.

The Global Lab Episode 7 . Interviews with Nicolas Perony and Pauline Cotelle
This week features two interviews from ECCS 2011: Nicolas Perony on what animal behaviour can teach us about human society, and Pauline Cotelle talking about crime and security in Post - Hurricane Katrina New Orleans.

The Global Lab Episode 6 . Interview with Erica Fille Legara
News on Vitruvian Man on Ice, visualising the Eurozone crisis, Faster than Light Neutrinos and the European Conference on Complex Systems, and we speak to Erica Fille Legara about Media Framing in the Phillipines.

The Global Lab Episode 5 . Interview with Hannah Fry about Global Modelling
This week we talk about a recent citizen science project involving school children and get to grips with 'Necrogeography'. Our featured guest is Hannah Fry talking about her research in global modelling and modelling people's actions during riots.

The Global Lab Episode 4 . Interview with James Cheshire about mapping surnames, and news from Green Man and the world of internet security
Martin reports back on Einstein's Garden at the Green Man festival and Steve talks AI and internet security. Our guest is James Cheshire, talking about mapping surnames in the UK.

The Global Lab Episode 3 . Interview with Dan Lewis and news on mapping unrest and IBM Watson
This week we talk about mapping unrest in the wake of recent UK events, social media and mapping, Deep Blue and the potential of IBM's Watson project. Steve talks to Dan Lewis from UCL's Geography department about his work on access to healthcare in London.

The Global Lab Episode 2 . Interview with Tom Brughmans and news from InterFace and State of The Map EU
This week we talk about the State of the Map EU conference, Richard Dawkins and Sexist Skeptics, InterFace and digital humanists and why we prefer the BBC to Fox News. Tom Brughmans explains what Network Science is and what it means to Archaeology.

The Global Lab Episode 1 . Google I/O, Where Camp, and Tales of Things with Martin De Jode
This week we talk about two major conferences, Google I/O and Where Camp EU, and Martin De Jode talks about his work linking smartphone technology to the act of storytelling. You can find out more about Google I/O here: and info about Where Camp is here: .Martin de Jode works at UCL-CASA on The Tales of Things and Electronic Memory (ToTEM) project; you can participate in the project here:

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